The fear of germs and contamination are distilled in certain people. It could be both a good and bad thing. But, when it comes down to laying down $7 mill on a house, all of it better be good! I think that the new owner(s) don’t have to worry about anything being germy or contaminated inside or outside of the house, knowing that Howie Mandel previously inhabited it. That may be the very explanation as to how he managed to sell his 6 bed and 7 bath Malibu beauty in less than a month. No matter the reason, the 1.04 acre property rests near the shores of the Pacific.

Everything about the 5,865 sq ft estate boasts simplicity and elegance inside and out, yet reaches out to someone who prefers a high standard of living. The paint job on the interior, decor, and floor plan work well with the energy that the exterior emits; homey-ness. The new owner(s) of the place will be treated to a fireplace for whenever they’re cold and a personal pool house that’s also a guest house. A generously-sized pool, hot tub, office, theater room, and gym are also offered through this homey estate that accommodates flowy indoor-to-outdoor living. A year’s supply of handy wipes are also included.

Address: 6950 Dume Dr, Malibu CA 90265