After receiving widespread scrutiny in the aftermath of her 2004 Super Bowl performance, Janet JacksonShe remembered leaning on her family and faith.
A new interview was conducted with AllureFive-time Grammy winner, Alicia Silverstone opened up to us about the things that helped her get through the backlash after halftime. Co-performer Justin Timberlake grabbed Janet’s bustier in a planned move—which resulted in an unplanned, brief exposure of her right breast.
In the aftermath of the incident, Janet faced an unprecedented amount of backlash, most recently explored in the 2021 New York Times documentary, Janet Jackson’s Dressing down for Malfunction, and the FCC fined CBS $550,000. Not only was Janet the main target of headlines poking fun at the incident, but her subsequent album release, Damita JTimberlake’s career rose, even though his performance was not as good as expected. He was also invited back to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2018.

She answered a question about the “storm” and said, “What’s most important is returning to your foundation.” God, not just her family. That was what pulled me through,” he said, adding that it’s difficult to speak about the time.