Lynch’s departure from Lynch on August 14th is the latest change in the Emmy winning Emmy winner. Feldstein was initially scheduled to leave September 25th. But, the Emmy winner Lynch’s August 14 departure is now a schedule change. Feldstein was originally scheduled to depart on Sept. 25. Lady BirdLynch made an announcement about her departure earlier than expected. Lynch explained to Feldshuh and the producers that it was better for Michele (her former star) and Lynch to begin their performances together. Lynch stated that this was the reason she left. [we won’t appear together]Lynch said, “Yes,” Deadline in July. “I adore her. She is going to make this show hers. It’s a blessing that she has the chance to perform the show in person and not only on television. Glee.”

Feldstein received mixed feedback for her Broadway debut. She expressed appreciation for the cast, crew and said that Fannie was an amazing role. “I will never forget this experience and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every single person who came to the August Wilson for the love and support you have shown me and our amazing cast and crew,” the star continued. Every night I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a variety of talented, exceptional people. I wish you all continued to enjoy Henry Street, even after my departure on July 31st.