The actress stated that she didn’t wish to make herself embarrassed once again on her podcast. Kramer shared that “I was horrified by what came out with me and my ex,” on her podcast. She said, “I tried to alter the narrative, as I believed we could make it work. It also happened again and I now look like an idiot. He’s a woman I should have left a long, time ago. Although I believed in the possibility of change, and did the hard work to make it happen, at the same time I was stupid. That’s why I do not want it to happen again.”

It’s strange to be able to go from something so toxic and like to someone that makes you feel you don’t have anything to love, somebody who to my knowledge could be amazing. However, this is so frightening because it can lead to real relationships the next day. This is a frightening place to live if it’s not your normal routine.

As for more accidental social media reveals, Kramer said, “There might be a reflection in a window sometimes, there might not. “I don’t know.”