Jamie Lynn Spears is recalling how her family and team reacted when she told them she was pregnant at 16 years old. 

It Zoey 101 alum, now 30, looks back at that time in her new memoir, These are the Things I Should Not Have SaidThe book will be published in January 2022.

Jamie Lynn, her ex-boyfriend in 2007, Casey Aldridge learned they were expecting a child. A portion of the memoir was published by PeopleAfter her mother’s death, things spiraled out-of-control quickly. Lynne Spears and dad Jamie Spears told her team the news. 

She wrote, “There was much fighting between all involved.” “The whole Spears team was already embroiled in my sister’s PR troubles, and everyone else around me wanted to make the ‘issue’ go away.”

Jamie Lynn said “one person after another” tried to convince her that having a baby at this point in her life was a “terrible idea” and to consider having an abortion or placing the child for adoption. The accusation also included claims that she was expelled from school and had her cell phone removed. This news was kept secret from almost everyone including her sister. Britney Spears