This Thanksgiving Week, the Van Der Beek Family is more thankful than ever.

On Monday, Nov. 22, James Van Der BeekOn Instagram, he confirmed that his wife was 44-years old Kimberly Van Der BeekThe 39-year old mother welcomed a boy, named “Bob”. JeremiahHe is already known as ‘The Nameless One’ Remi.

“After experiencing late-term #pregnancyloss twice in a row (both at 17+ weeks), we kept this one quiet,” the Dawson’s Creekstar shared this with his fans. “Truly, it was terrifying when I learned.”

James continued, “We found a doctor here in Texas who diagnosed the last two as having been caused by an: ‘incompetent cervix’ (I asked him what kind of misogynistic old dude invented that term and he laughed—which made me like him even more. Now it’s called a #WeakenedCervix).”

James claims that a simple surgical cerclage was performed and the baby was delivered at full term. James’ wife gave birth to a healthy baby on their Texas ranch.