Raquel was seen leaving just hours later.

The two moved into a Los Angeles apartment together in 2018, per Bravo, and got engaged in May 2021. After the split, Raquel shared footage on her Instagram Story of herself packing up her items and putting them in a storage unit. “As my dad says … my new home,” she quipped. 

Raquel’s sister is Raquel. Raquel’s sister KateShe told her, Oct. 19, “I just don’t want to watch you in a circumstance where you need to fix his problems.” 

Raquel reflected, “I never thought that I was trying to fix James’ situation at all; I just figured I’m trying to help out my fiancé. Kate isn’t always there to support James and our relationship, but she has been supportive because James’ drinking. She said, “She’s my big sis, and she will always be protective of you.”

Also in the episode, James recalled how Kate’s reaction differed from that of his family. He said, “My family has been so generous and I love Raquel from the beginning.” It was more difficult for Raquel and me.

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