Adrienne Banfield Norris is opening up about an element she didn’t have in her relationship with her daughter Jada Pinkett Smith

In a peek at the episode, she stated that “one of my relationships with my mother was so lacking in my relationship with Jada” Red Table TalkCelebHomes News exclusive. “Very seldom will you ever see Jada or I touch, hug, or even touch.” 

Jada stated that if they did, it would be awkward. As Adrienne (also known as Gammy) explained, this just wasn’t the way they showed love in their family.

It was awkward, because we did not hug in our families,” she said. We knew that we loved but the nurturing touch was not what we needed. 

Looking back on when Jada was Will SmithThe daughter of the author Willow SmithAdrienne recalls how her now-21-year-old daughter loved cuddling as a child. While Adrienne and Willow both said that they cuddled often, Jada stated this was quite a departure from her childhood. 

She said, “But that wasn’t her,” “She never cuddled up to me.”