It comes down to their marriage. Jackie Christie isn’t playing any games.
The renowned shopper has been around for more than 26 year. Basketball WivesStar has been married to an ex-NBA player and assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings. Doug Christie. Jackie shares the secrets of a healthy, long-lasting marriage with VH1 as their relationship continues on VH1’s reality series.
“I would say communication and respect,” she exclusively told CelebHomes News. “You’re gonna go through ups and downs in any relationship, but when you put each other first—and that means making sure that you wouldn’t do to your partner what you wouldn’t want them to do to you—if you keep those things in the forefront and have fun? This can continue on for many years.

Season 10 of Basketball WivesOn May 16, Doug and Christie will be celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary. You read it right. They reaffirm their commitment to each other every year by following this tradition.

Jackie said, “I am still in love” with him. It still gives me butterflies to know that I will soon see my husband. This is the most wonderful thing and I wish it for everyone.”