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Review of Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water Mist

“I have very pale skin (nc15). “This is not orange, and it looks very dark, but natural,” said a fan.

Another person said, “I am very happy with this purchase!” Because I loved the Sephora sample, I bought the Sephora value kit that included the tanning oil and the drops. It just sounds different. But I absolutely love it. It gives you a cool, chilled glow. The instructions were clear: exfoliate and moisturize the elbows, knees and hands. It really made a huge difference. My tan looks so good I almost want to shout it from the rooftops. 5/5 stars!”

One person raved that they loved the product. Although I am already olive-toned and brown, I have been feeling very pale lately and decided to try this self-tanner. The product is easy to use and does not smell. It also looks natural, isn’t too orange, and it is very quick. I highly recommend it over foam self-tanners.

One customer raved, “It’s easy and great!” The mitt was very comfortable and did not leave streaks or appear uneven. It looks natural, and it doesn’t appear fake tan (at least not to me). I also tried it as a setting spray (per Jules Von Hep’s advice) and honestly I was VERY nervous that it may not work BUT you definitely can do it and it does look good without disturbing your makeup — so that was a nice surprise! Water is great if you need something fast and simple.

“First self-tanner use, or Tanner Period. My skin is very light and I was worried about the streaking. This stuff turned out to be amazing! The skin turned out flawlessly, without streaking. “I use a mitt to apply it, and it lasts approximately 3-4 days. However, I exfoliate it so it would likely last longer if that was not the case,” stated a first-time user. 

A fan of Isle of Paradise declared that it was the best self-tanner she’d ever used. It leaves you with a flawless, even, and streak-free tan. This product is great for sensitive skin. I don’t get any breakouts or problems with it on my face.

It gives me a warm glow in winter when my skin is dull. The spray applicator is great and spreads evenly across my face. It doesn’t cause any irritation to my acne-prone skin,” one shopper said.