This is the only way to get the treble.

Ahead of XOMG Pop’s big debut performance during CelebHomes’s Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionIt aired on Dec. 28 manager Jessalynn Siwa A surprise problem occurred: the microphones did not work. 

Jessalynn interrupted the practice of the girl group by calling out “Stop,” You guys have to pay attention to the music. “We’ll adjust some levels.” 

Jessalynn instructed singer Dallas To perform her rap before determining the volume JoJo SiwaShe realized the problem was that music drowns out her. 

Jessalynn noted that “they all sing the entire time”. They must have their mics up. 

Jessalynn set out on a mission for replacement microphones. What can we do for them? “We need better mics,” she said. We have only two hours. You can use the mics. “We live in Los Angeles.” 

JoJo said that they needed six microphones to record their performances. 

JoJo confessed in confession that “these mics are not meant for singing.” These mics are designed to be used for speaking. They would work well for a TED Talk. This is the farthest thing we’ve done from a TED Talk.