Be with her or against her Shanae AnkneySeason 26: Is making waves The Bachelor.

During the Feb. 7 episode of the ABC dating competition, Shanae provedThat she’s a formidable force by once again convincing Bachelor Clayton Echard that she wasn’tDrama is the only thing that the women have to worry about. The new episode picked up with Shanae’s peers complaining about the 29-year-old recruiter’s behavior the night before, in which she crashed a group date, accosted the other ladies and threw a trophy into a pond.

Clayton was confused by the drama and asked his group of date participants for explanations. What they shared painted Shanae in a negative light, which forced the Bachelor to pull her aside and give her a talking to.

“This has been very challenging for me,” he told Shanae. “It’s creating more turmoil within the house, which I don’t want to make a hostile atmosphere.”

Clayton then urged Shanae to apologize, making it clear that if she didn’t, she’d be sent home.