Irina and Bradley, 46, welcomed Lea—their first child together—in March 2017. They split after being married for four years.

CelebHomes News has learned that Lea’s parents now have a “good system in place” for her and she takes turns. CelebHomes News spoke to a source in March 2020.

They also get along as a whole family, and they do everything together when possible. The insider said that they communicate often and were good friends. The insider said that they both loved their daughter and were happy to be there together.

Last year, Irina posted for the first time on Instagram a photo of her daughter, crediting Bradley for the sweet snapshot. In the picture, their little girl—with a penchant for the color pink—was seen standing just barely in frame as she tugged on her mother’s hand.

An interview with Elle published in March 2021, Irina called her ex “the most amazing dad” and spoke about how they have been raising their child. Irina said, “I didn’t understand the concept of co-parenting.” When I’m with my child, I’m 100% a mother. But when I’m with my girl, she’s 100 percent with her dad. “Co-parenting” is parenting.