Ireland Baldwin Candace OwensThey used social media to exchange tense phrases. 

On Monday, Oct. 25, Ireland took to her Instagram Story to criticize Candace after the conservative pundit suggested in a since-deleted tweet that it could be seen as “poetic justice” that Ireland’s dad, Alec Baldwin, accidentally misfired a prop gun last week on the set of the movie Rust. The fatal firearm discharge killed a cinematographer Halyna HoutchinsDirector injured Joel SouzaThursday, October 21

Ireland shared a picture of Candace and also tagged her. You are not a bad person, but you disrespected the life of a woman who was tragically murdered ….. Shame on you.

Candace, 26, then posted Candace’s previous tweet to her Story. It read: “Alec Baldwin spent four years painting.” Donald TrumpAlec and his supporters as evil killers. Alec’s death would be a poetic example of poetic justice, if not for the innocent people he murdered. Pray for their families. So sad.