Evans posted on Twitter in January that her 13-year-old husband had “announced that he was to leave his family, beginning next week.” Evans said that “me and our young daughters girls [sic]They are very confused and sad. We haven’t been given any reason, except that he ‘no longer loves us.’

At the time, Gruffudd’s rep said in a statement, speaking on his and Evans’ behalf, “As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for our family and we remain committed to our children.” The actor filed for divorcement more than a year later.

Evans found Gruffudd around 4 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27, just four hours after she accused her of cheating with Wallace. tweeted“Still nothing.” We were together for 20 years. We spoke every day, at most three or four times per day.”

Evans, who met her husband while on set of the 2000 movie 102 Dalmatians“He was my best friend, and my twin soul,” she continued. I don’t know where to go. I will, but for now I don’t know how to move on.”