Kylie JennerWould like to see Instagram become a success again.

Kylie Cosmetics founder, Kylie Cosmetics, shared a meme on July 25 calling for the social media giant to go back to its roots. It read, “Make Instagram Instagram back again.” Stop trying to look like tiktok, I only want to see adorable photos of my friends.” End of the message was “Sincerely everyone.”

Kylie posted the Instagram Story: “PLEASEEEEEEE!”

It was her sister. Kim Kardashian, shared the exact sentiments and posted the same meme to her Instagram Story, alongside the caption, “PRETTY PLEASE.”

After The Kardashians stars, who have a combined 686 million followers, shared the meme with their followers, the platform’s CEO Adam Mosseri released a video message addressing the backlash to the changes on the app. 

The videoAdam shared that he was aware of people’s concern about the app “shifting toward video” instead of photos. “We’re going to continue to support photos,” he shared on Instagram and Twitter July 26. It’s part our heritage.”