In September he said during an in-person appearance on the U.K.’s These are the best Good MorningHe has his wife beside him He had been receiving his medications every other week for the past two weeks. This was because he was responding so well to radiation and chemotherapy.

Parker stated that he wouldn’t be able “to do this five months ago,” when asked about being able give a television interview. I feel much more confident, and have more control over my emotions. To be truthful, if this had been done five months ago, it would have made me a complete mess. [I’m feeling]Very positive.

His tumor was under control, he wrote on November 3rd. After receiving his most recent scan results, he wrote, “I am delighted to announce that it is stable.” This is a great mix of emotions. This is the point where we couldn’t have asked for more. We are now a little over a year into this journey. It was truly an amazing experience. It’s possible to rest a little better tonight.

And when CelebHomes talked to The Wanted last fall, Parker was inspiringly upbeat, sharing how much he cherished his time with The Wanted and how proud he was of what they had accomplished.

“It took us around the world and it was chaos—but it was beautifully chaotic,” he reflected. But then it became quite grating and physically and emotionally draining. The time spent away gave me the insight to say “You know, what? We created something beautiful.