Anne Boleyn’s Execution

Cromwell, who was assigned by the King with Anne’s rescue, came up the idea of adultery. Five men, including Anne’s brother George Boleyn, were accused of having affairs with the queen. Anne, George, as well as the other accused, were tried for treason and sentenced to their deaths.

However, that wasn’t the grounds for annulment: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas CranmerHenry, who had to justify why Henry’s wedding to Catherine was invalid and Anne’s union with Anne was genuine, only thinly agreed with the idea that Anne’s marriage to Anne was not legal due to the king’s past affair with Anne’s sister Mary Boleyn.

Anne was 35 at the time, though her exact age is unknown. She was executed by Tower Green on May 19, 15,36. Her daughter, Elizabeth, was 2 1/2 years old—and like her half-sister Mary, the child was also now illegitimate.

Henry went ahead and wed his mistress Jane Seymour on May 30. She got pregnant right away but died on Oct. 24, 1537, 12 days after giving birth to a son, Prince Edward. (Cranmer was also executed later. He was one of his godfathers. The baptismal oil was carried by his 4 year-old half-sister Elizabeth at the christening.