For as long as she was around, Diana wanted her sons to be 1,000 percent sure that they were loved, but she also didn’t want them to have any illusions about their lives—or about life, in general.

She was told by William that she wanted to become a policeman when I was a teenager and take care of you, Mummy.” Harry countered quickly with “Oh no, it’s impossible.” It’s your duty to be the king.

Diana stated that Diana had changed her way of raising William (second in line) to the throne “in a subtle manner.” While most people aren’t aware, I am. It would be a crime for me to shake their monarchy cage. After all, my mother-in-law does it every day for over 40 years. Who am I then to do it again? He has gained insight from his father and William by learning about what I do. “He’s not hiding upstairs with his governess.”

Diana subtly raised William as the successor to Queen Elizabeth. She said, “If my husband could write his own script, I’d hope that he would leave with his lady to sort it out, and then I and the children would continue to bear the Wales name until William takes the throne.” It would be me there to support them every step of the way. This job is so much easier on my own, I don’t feel trapped.