Robert Pattinson Suki WaterhouseYou are more close than ever.

CelebHomes News was exclusively told by an anonymous source that CelebHomes News had received the following: Twilight alum and the Detective Pikachu actress, who were first romantically linked in 2018, are “still going strong” more than three years later. According to an insider, they are “very solid” in their relationship.

The couple, who are known for being very private with their relationships, have become more comfortable speaking openly about them to the public in recent years. In September, Suki, 29, was on hand to support her man when he co-hosted the grand opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. 

Robert (35), and Suki, 35, are said to be “always just totally together at the hip” when they make those rare public appearances.

The insider adds, “You can tell he’s completely in love with her.”

Evidently, their relationship was strengthened by the fact that they were able to quarantine together during the pandemic. Although their relationship started out as very “casual,” it has since blossomed into something more serious.

CelebHomes News insiders revealed that Rob and Suki had discussed the possibility of getting married. However, they are not in a rush. Suki doesn’t pressure him. They are committed to each others.