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Although we may not be huge sports enthusiasts, the Super Bowl in Los Angeles is something that everyone can enjoy. It offers star-studded events as well as fashion inspiration on the red carpet. Homecoming Weekend hosted by The h.wood Group & Revolve was filled with celebrities and fashion it-girls and boys who provided all the style inspiration we need for spring trends. It featured music from Marshmello, Justin Bieber and Drake.

We had the chance to catch up with Revolve’s Chief Brand Officer and fashion guru Raissa Gerona to do a deep-dive into the event’s looks, spring trends, and her favorite Revolve products. 

Raissa said, “Everyone looks amazing.” Raissa said, “I believe everyone is so eager to get out there again. It is so nice to see the beautiful women all dressed up. It has been so many years, and it is amazing. Revolve is the ultimate dream.

When asked what the brand embodies, Raissa said Revolve girls just want to have fun. 

Raissa stated that she feels like the Revolve girl loves to have fun and spend time with people she likes. Raissa said that she loves traveling, going out, and living the best possible life. This is how I really see our Revolve customer. When I see her in such a setting it proves all that the brand can be. It’s true, I feel like everybody is living the best life possible every single time I see new clothes. Their looks are amazing.”

Is there a celebrity who embodies the “Revolve Girl” energy? Raissa said that she is an avid Hailey Bieber fan. Although she is getting older and more married, I see a lot of her new style. But, I believe she remains very sexy. She looks confident, happy and very relaxed.

Below are styles taken from the event’s red-carpet and other items from Raissa. These include her top beauty products, and trendy styles from Revolve.