He knew exactly how many nominations he had and knew all the facts. [Whiplash] had and everything,” Teller offered, “and…yeah, it was just funny to me.”

While his fame was still burgeoning, he and Sperry were able to enjoy a fairly private courtship, an actor already down for the count never making quite as many headlines as the ones who are actively playing the field. But ultimately a long-term love story is the kind with a lot of adorable anecdotes.

Such as when he tweeted in April 2016 that he was dating “the one person who has never seen Titanic.”

“She will ask me to do some thing, and I’ll respond, ‘What?,'” Teller shared. Teller said that she would ask me to do something and I’d respond, “What?” Start at 9. “She’s sweet and loves quoting. J.K. Simmons

Sperry won’t make Teller go through the horror of Simmons’ Oscar-winning role as his demanding music teacher. Whiplash, she’s still helping his life run as smoothly as possible.