Although they aren’t rushing to marry, it doesn’t mean that their feelings for one another has diminished. “Megan & MGK continue to be strong. They [have]The source stated that they have a strong relationship. The source said that they both understood each other and shared very similar interests. He’s her perfect match and it works.  

According to the source, they spend lots of time together even when they’re not working. They have an unbreakable bond.”  

It’s not the first time the couple have hinted at the future marriage plans.  

When you visit Late Late Show in February, Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson BakerTell me. James Corden that planning has been going slowly in part because it’s been difficult “trying to find a spot” that fulfills his “artistic” vision for the special day.   

“The venue is difficult,” he admitted, then explained that he wanted the space to have a red river and gothic elements.  

Whichever direction the couple decides to head in, one thing is for certain: It’ll definitely be an Emo-tional day!