It’s a new kind of family reunion.

The fourth season of Netflix’s hit series The Sunset Selling You had a special guest Christine Quinn The second episode featured a baby shower, which was quickly reacted to by fans. 

Jesse Tyler FergusonOne watcher posted that he made an appearance at Christine’s baby shower. One watcher tweeted, “He is either failing post-traumatic stress disorder.”Modern FamilyOder he simply was bored from the pandemic and wanted to be social.

Although comments made on social media were intended to be humorous, there was also a natural curiosity about what the random guest did behind the happy event.

“Why was Jesse Tyler Ferguson invited for Christine’s Baby Shower?” Simply ask one tweeter.

According to, this unexpected sighting was recorded back in May at the jungle-themed festival PEOPLEJessie’s husband took photos by his wife, he also snapped them. Justin MikitaThey stopped by Christine and were friendly. Christian Richard’s shower.