These are the things that hit close to home. Christina Haack Heather Rae Young.

This was on May 7. Christina at the Coast personality and theThe Sunset Selling star were photographed in the middle of what appeared to be a verbal argument on the sidelines of a kids soccer game in Newport Beach, Calif. Christina was with the two of them. Tarek El Moussa—who married Heather last October—and the HGTV host’s third husband, Josh Hall, During the heated exchange.

CelebHomes News eyewitnesses said that Tarek pulled Christina away from Christina at one point by grasping her arm. The onlooker added that Josh looked “upset” by the situation and later approached Tarek to “have words.”

Christina and Tarek share daughter Taylor11. Brayden, 6.

Regarding what transpired in the photos, a statement issued to CelebHomes News on both the couples’ behalf read, “A personal matter was discussed and has since been resolved. As a group, we are now focusing on the future of co-parenting.