Kellie Pickler Remember her American Idol audition like it was yesterday.

Only 19 years old, this aspiring country singer stood in line in 2005 to perform. Kelly Clarkson“Since U Been Gone” by. Martin McBrideJudges are shown “A Broken Wing”. Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. With three yes votes, Kellie said goodbye to her day job hello to her first plane ride EverydayIt was heading to Los Angeles.

Kellie spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News, “I was roller-skating at Sonic and trying figure out what is my future,” I got in line to get my burgers at Sonic. IdolAnd it was clearly the rocket which launched my career. But it was God who was the fuel.”

She was a Top 6 finisher in the season of her career, more than fifteen years later American IdolKellie describes Nashville as her “blessed” home. She is now hosting SiriusXM. HighwayShow, and the 35-yearold singer quickly reminds her fans why they loved her so much more than 10 years ago.

She said that she is a very simple, honest girl and noted she strives to be authentic and as present as she can. “I love gardening. I am the fifth unofficial Golden Girl, according to my friends. I’m the 104 year old trapped within a 35-yearold body. I love puzzles. Conversations are my favorite thing. In my rocking chair, I like to relax on the front porch. “I just enjoy being with good people.”