Ink MasterIt is painting a new coat. 

The reality competition series, which features some of the best tattoo artists in the world as they go head-to-head, is getting a revamp for its new season, premiering September 7 on Paramount+.

Joel MaddenFor the band, he is the lead singer. Good CharlotteThe show will have a new host in the form of. Meanwhile, season eight winner Ryan Ashley, celebrity tattoo artist Nikko HurtadoIndustry veteran Ami JamesJudges will be appointed.

Dave NavarroThe host was? Ink MasterParamount+ reports that he is the Master of Chaos for the first thirteen seasons. He introduces crazy twists to the contest and makes it a game changer.

The streamer said that “legendary, fan-favorite tattoo artists will return to compete at the ultimate competition.” The competition will see the participants face the most epic, exciting, and challenging challenges in history. All this for $250,000 plus the title of Champion. The Ink Master.”

Although the names of contestants are still to be revealed, they should be prepared for battle.

“Legends need to show that they are capable of demonstrating the highest level skills necessary for success.” Ink MasterParamount+ says that composition, precision color theory, color theory and finesse are all important. With stakes so high, any one of them could be sent home. Only one winner will take the title.