Insider Tips from a Pro Canadian Wedding Planner!

Everyone has their own idea about what a ideal wedding should be like. It’s part of the excitement that surrounds this very romantic day!

BUT! But… weddings can be costly.

It’s not surprising that the cost of weddings keeps rising in the years. There are a lot of things to consider. The venue, the wedding dress, the wedding cake and the honeymoon meal entertainment, taking and printing wedding photos and so on.

A lot of newlyweds are in debt because they spend lots of money on planning their wedding. That’s no way to start your marriage!

We are delighted to share some tips and tricks to assist you in planning your dream marriage with a budget that is tight. Today we have Imtazur Rahman, a Canadian wedding planner, who will be sharing his expertise with you on how to do it with a limited budget.

What is the average price weddings usually cost?

Imtazur Rahman: Perhaps this won’t be surprising for those who read this, but weddings that are on a budget are actually more frequent these daysand the average wedding budget decreasing in value. In the past, the average wedding in the United States cost $34,000. However, in 2019, that price rose to $28,000. (The average wedding budget was just $19,000).

What takes up the biggest cost when it comes to wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman The location is typically what will cost the most. The typical venue is about 10,000, which is about half of your budget. It could be a bit more than $12,000-$14,000 if the venue offers food (including the wedding cake) and drinks, tables, chairs and linens.

Naturally, based on where you want to host the wedding, you may also discover it to be cheaper or more expensive on certain days or depending on the number of guests you have (the more guests you have, the more space you’ll need!)

What should you be paying for other wedding expenses?

Imtazur Rahman Outside of the venue/catering Three is the biggest financial losses that newlyweds suffer.

The Engagement Ring

  • Engagement rings are often the symbol of a partnership and can be very costly. Your personal preferences will determine the cost however, you should expect to pay around $5,000 on the majority of engagement rings.

Music & Entertainment

  • The reception is an important element of the wedding. This will vary depending on the kind of entertainment you select. For example, the average cost of a live band is around $3,000 (while DJs are a bit lower at around $2,200.)

Photography and Videography

  • To preserve the memories of your unforgettable day, pictures and videos are a must! Professional photography can cost you about $2000, while videography service will cost about $1,000.

What’s the most essential tip you can offer to plan a wedding on a budget?

Imtazur Rahman: I think the most common thing expecting brides and grooms struggle with is establishing the realistic budget. I have received clients with budgets as low as $8,000 to $15,000 from me- which is perfectly fine! It’s true that weddings are still possible at that price point. It’s up the couple to determine if that budget will work with their expectations.

In other words If you are planning your own wedding, make sure your budget can afford the wedding you desire. It will not work to force your dream wedding within any budget. You’ll spend more money if you attempt to force your dream wedding under any kind of restriction. So, my emphasis is on the word “realistic”.

What are some things that brides and grooms can do to reduce the stress on their wedding budget?

Imtazur Rahman Make concessions whenever you can! You don’t have to give up things you must have. In fact at the very minimum it’s not a good idea. By concessions (and this can be almost everything!) What I refer to by concessions:

  1. Choose the date for your wedding. For a lower venue fee, consider choosing a weekday rather than Saturday.
  2. You can have your reception and wedding at the same time! Do not pay for multiple venues, which can cost a lot. Instead, you should have your wedding and reception in one place.
  3. Limit your guest list! Who are the people that must be present on your special day? Consider this: the more people that you invite to your wedding, the higher the budget you will have. This is not only to pay for a bigger venue, but also to cover other wedding-related expenses.
  4. You can make your own favors This activity is very popular among my clients, particularly because they can be expensive.

Honestly, I can talk for hours about all the concessions that you could make to make your dream day work with your budget. You’ll get the idea. Give up the things that don’t make the occasion any more special to you!

Do you have any last-minute suggestions for those planning a budget wedding?

Imtazur Rahman: Do not be afraid to seek assistance! This doesn’t mean you need to consult your wedding coordinator. Friends and family are also important! Invite them to participate and make it an unforgettable day for everyone. I’m certain they will be delighted to assist you on this special day.

Where can our readers find you?

Imtazur Rahman: If you are looking for professional help in planning your special event, I have a website you can connect with!