Are you thinking of how to redesign your home or maybe add a few unique features? The glass wall is a modern design feature that is certain to make your home seem a little bigger and is sure to wow your guests. A sliding glass wall or a glass patio door is a not a real wall, but is a door that occupies the space a wall would have, connecting a home with the outdoors, or providing access to areas within the home.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Walls

Installing a sliding glass wall will not be an easy task—if your home is already built, this may call for a partial reconstruction or extension. If you are hesitant because of this and other reasons, then consider the following advantages:

  1. Natural Light

Sliding glass walls allow in an incredible amount of natural light into a room, which has the effect of creating the illusion of spaciousness.

  1. No need for swing room

With most other types of doors, swing room is necessary—in order for the door to swing in or out. As sliding walls simply slide along the horizontal track, there is no need for any extra space.

  1. Easy Access

With a slight push, your sliding wall will give way, permitting unhinged access to the outdoors.

  1. Design 

Sliding walls lend a touch of class to a home, providing a simple yet modernistic home feature that fits in with almost any architectural style. 

Perhaps due to the scorching weather in some parts, sliding glass doors are generally popular in western parts of the United States, and are certainly so in Nevada. If you’re thinking of sliding glass wall installation in Nevada, this might be a smart option.

Design Options

Sliding walls can be installed in a variety of design configurations, so you have some options to work with. The most popular options are:

  1. Multi-slide patio doors

Multi-slide patios doors slide over each other and stack up over one immoveable panel, creating unfettered access to light and air when rolled back. With enough wall space, you may even take this concept a step further by having the panels tuck into the wall.

  1. Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors have a similar effect with the difference being that bi-fold patio doors do not slide back and stack up together, but they collapse back on themselves. 

  1. Curved walls 

Curved tracks are an interesting way to use sliding walls in curvy rooms or in spaces that have unconventional shapes. Together, they will make for a truly futuristic interior design feel. 

  1. Corners

For even more light, and a better view, you can have your sliding wall design such that two sliding walls are connected at a 90-degree angle. 

Whichever style you prefer, sliding glass windows are a popular design choice as they are classy and improve access to light significantly. They also provide good amounts of airflow, which is especially helpful for people who live in hotter areas, especially those looking to cut their usage of air conditioning.