Are you a Los Angeles resident looking to escape the madness of the big city for something a little more relaxed? Or maybe the perpetual sunshine and SOCAL lifestyle is calling you and you’re looking for the best spot to call home. 

Manhattan Beach, CA, has all the southern Californian charm with its own added quirkiness. Expect glamorous homes in a ‘small town’ environment, intelligent locals, and endless things to do. 

It’s clean, the weather is beautiful and the beaches are stunning but there are a couple more things to know about moving to Manhattan Beach. 

1. Spectacular Homes for Sale in Manhattan Beach, CA

Are you looking for apartments to rent in Manhattan Beach, CA? Or maybe you’re ready to put yourself on the property ladder. While the homes in Manhattan Beach don’t come cheap, they’re certainly incredible. Picture the homes of the rich and famous, yet in a more small-town setting. It’s the best of both worlds. 

The median home value of a property is almost $2.6 million. Of course, if you mosey around in The Hill Section, it’s easy to see why. Expect ultimate luxury and glamour. But hey, if you’re going to walk the walk…

2. Get Ready to Surf & Play Ball

Manhattan Beach is well known for gnarly waves and a keen surfing community. What else would you expect from a seaside community in SOCAL? If you’re a keen surfer, you’ll love living here. If you’ve never hit the waves before, now is the time to try!

The same goes for volleyball, a massively popular sport. There is some contention over its origin, but Manhattan Beach is said to be the birthplace of the fun beach sport. Expect to see lively games happening along the long beaches and get involved to feel like a true local.

3. It’s One of the Safest Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles city can sometimes fall under bad rap for increasing crime and unsafe areas. But only 30 miles from the big city, Manhattan Beach is well known for being extremely safe.

You don’t need to worry about break-ins and assaults and you can walk home in the evening safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a good place to live.

How can you not be attracted to that?

4. You’ll Always Be Busy

‘Boredom’ is not a word that locals are accustomed to in Manhattan Beach. And after a few months of living there, you’ll probably forget how to spell it.

Do you love dining out at interesting restaurants or feasting on seafood? Well, there are a number of incredible restaurants and some of the best seafood options in America.

Do you find solace in a spot of shopping? No need to head to LA as you’ll be spoiled with options of artisanal boutiques, craft stores, and bookshops.

And if you need a little inspiration to get moving and out of the house, there are a number of fun and unusual annual events. Whether you choose to take part or simply watch, you’ll love the famous Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race.

5. It Has a Small Town Feel & Strong Community

Forget about the crowded streets, busy beaches, and hundreds of promenade joggers that you find at so many beaches across Southern California.

Manhattan Beach has only 35 000 permanent residents and assuming you join those numbers, you’ll become part of a tight-knit community.

It’s a lovely place to make your base as it’s close enough to Los Angeles to pop in for a visit when you feel like a big-city vibe. But it offers a tranquil place to relax in the comfort of your Manhattan Beach home, with your ‘small-town’ community.

6. It’s a Great Place for Families & to Raise Kids

So you’ve browsed the amazing homes for sale in Manhattan Beach, CA and you’re particularly tempted by those extra bedrooms for kids. Well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a fantastic place for children.

For starters, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District consistently ranks as one of the best in L.A. County and in the entire county. Add to that the fact that the locals are considered the most educated in California, with the majority holding a bachelor’s degree, and you can smile in the knowledge that your kid will join those educated ranks.

Of course, with Manhattan Beach being so safe, sporty, packed with things to do, and a tight community, it really is a great place for families. 

7. It’s Good for Singles Too

If you were about to write Manhattan Beach off because a spouse and children are not part of your moving boxes, don’t.

Of course, California is known for its sandy-blond beach babes and sexy surfers. Well, Manhattan Beach will not disappoint. In fact, it won 9th place for the Sexiest Beach on Earth in 2008.

And with an almost equal split population of men and women, your chances of bumping into a single cutie are pretty high.

To add the cherry-on-top, it was ranked one of the best cities to be rich and single because it attracts so many young, affluent people. So it’s safe to say, that singles will be embraced with open arms.

8. Your Paycheck Will be Manhattan Beach Friendly

If you’re worried about all the references to the wealthy lifestyle in Manhattan Beach, don’t start sweating just yet. If you find yourself a job in the town, chances are your eyes will be flashing with dollar signs.

The residents are well-known for being high earners and the average household income is around $131,000.

If you’re looking for apartments to rent in Manhattan Beach, CA, you can expect to pay an average of $2500. So you’ll definitely need that hefty income.

Making Your Move to Manhattan Beach, CA

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fabulous Manhattan Beach, CA, things. Who wouldn’t want to move to a safe, fun, affluent beach town with all the best parts of a small town and all the finer touches of a big city? 

If you’re looking for some more insider knowledge on relocating, check out our site for hot tips and inspiration!