After being in the band 100 Monkeys from 2008 to 2012, the actor who played Jasper Hale continued doing TV and movies after the Twilight Saga ended, but also focused on making more music, dropping a solo album called American Spirit Blues.

Rathbone, in one of those strange twists of fate that turned out to be OK was on a Jetblue flight that had to land an emergency after an engine blast. Rathbone tweeted about the whole thing, as well as how his wife was doing since 2013. Sheila HafsadiAnd her then-2-year old son. MonroeHe had to use the emergency slide for his escape.

With Sheila, he makes Austin his home with their three children Monroe, Sheila, and Monroe. PresleyAnd son Felix, who was just born in January 2020. 

A video he posted of himself on April 7, 2020, playing his guitar merited a comment from his Twilight sister Nikki Reed, who wrote, “Omg this made me miss you! I was thinking of Portland, and how many nights it took to see you perform 25 interments simultaneously. It made me so proud of my multitasking abilities.

He was most recently on TNT. The Last ShipDid the Indie Movies succeed? Until We Meet Again And Mixtape.