Take a look at these important points The Challenge Wes Bergmann is the starSome of the most famous stories ever told Johnny BananasHe claimed that he owned a BMW, Porsche, monster truck and thirty companies during his time in the USA. Rivals II2013. You can add the Lamborghini now to this iconic collection. 

Wes, one the longest-running MTV personalities added another remarkable feat to his impressive resume. He won season three of All Stars: The ChallengeThis was his first time on the Paramount+ spinoff. After being dubbed the male winner—with Jonna Mannion nabbing a back-to-back victory for the females—the 37-year-old entrepreneur vowed to make a splashy purchase with his $250,000 prize. CelebHomes News confirmed that Wes had kept his promise and now has a super expensive car in his garage.

“I’m sure everyone plays for different reasons.” Austin, The Real WorldVeteran said that “but, like… hasn’t everybody always wanted a Lamborghini?” It’s more responsibility to purchase a Lamborghini for me than to provide support for my family.