Water makes up about 50-70 percent of a human’s weight. Water is an essential part of the human diet and weight loss plan – everyone knows the first part of the statement, but sadly, only a few know and practice the second half.

Most weight loss plans usually go like this: exercise, zero junk food, less stress, and optimal rest or sleep, with no room for increased water intake.

It’s important to note that water is equally as important while trying to stay slim. Wonder how this is so? Read on

How Water Can Help Lose Weight

Water Is a Natural Appetite Suppressant

Research published in 2018 discovered that people who drink 300 milliliters of water before a meal eat fewer calories than those who do not. The study proved that water stimulates appetite suppression, which makes people eat less.

In 2014, 50 overweight females, for eight consecutive weeks, were instructed to take 500ml of water half an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner without reducing their regular water consumption. The participant experienced a decrease in body weight, body fat, and body mass index.

Water Burns Fat

Water plays a vital role in the way the body metabolizes fat. Drinking enough water helps to burn off fat from food and drink. By increasing water intake, people can lose body fat by eating less.

Water Support Weight Loss

A review done in 2013 on 11 studies shows that people who increase their water intake paired with a weight loss plan lose more weight more quickly than people who do not include water in their program.

Water Aids Excretion

A dehydrated body cannot effectively remove waste products. Water helps the kidney to remove toxins and waste living nutrients and electrolytes. Body dehydration can result in lumpy stools and kidney stones.

Hydration helps to get rid of waste products that could be potentially dangerous.

Workout Works out Better with Water

Exercise is a vital part of most weight loss plans. Water helps muscles, tissues, and joints move freely without strain. It facilitates the functions of the heart, lungs, and other internal and external organs during a workout session.

Dehydration during a workout can cause muscle spasms, back pain, and severe cases of fatigue, all of which slow the process of losing weight.

When exercising, water is vital, especially in hot or sunny environments.

Water Requirements for Weight loss

Studies show that one to three liters of water per day are enough to support a weight loss plan. However, more water may be required depending on an individual’s bodily needs.

Twenty percent of the total water required should come from water-based fruit like cucumber, banana, watermelon, and strawberry— and vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli.

Weight loss is easy with the right plan, and appropriate water intake is one of the best ways to reduce and maintain body weight, along with the numerous advantages of water. While it is essential that you take water, what is more important is that you take clean and healthy water. You can purify the water coming into your home using a water filter Sydney and provide yourself access to pure water.