Vanessa has the following to help prepare: It’s a gift I love for you co-creator Jeremy BeilerMade a visit to QVC Studios in West Chester (PA) for home-shopping. 

“Jeremy, my husband and I were able to tour QVC. We met the hosts. Jane TreacyAnd Mary Beth RoeVanessa stated, “They were the ones I watched growing up.” “They are still hosts there. They are the largest hosts. After seven seasons, they’re still their biggest host. SNLEvery week I had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity guest host, and I was captivated by their stories. The hour-long conversation was short because the hosts are entertaining and very enjoyable to listen to.

The first episode It’s a gift I love for you, Vanessa’s character gets shown around SVN—the home shopping network where she’s just been hired—and she’s introduced to the bevy of hosts that she’s always admired on TV. Vanessa found it eerily like her first day. Saturday Night Live.

“I recall going in to meet them.” Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg and Abby Elliott and just being like ‘Oh my god,'” Vanessa recalled. “I was like ‘Okay, this is my job now, I have to pretend to act normal around these superstars.’ This was insane to me. It was so crazy to me that these were going to be my co-workers. I needed to pretend it was normal.