She believes that the best thing she could do is to be the greatest. Trixie MotelThis is an adult summer camp. She envisions a sleep-away moment, with a bunch of hands-on activities to fill the day. She explained that you can imagine yourself and your friends going on a camping trip. You get a shirt that states you are a camper, and then you go to a lodge themed for you friend. “Then, during the day there’s drag queens with all the clipboards making you do stuff.”

Trixie added that she’d have basket weaving, stargazing possibly archery—”maybe not archery and alcohol”—as camp activities, too. 

This is a long way off. Right now, Trixie is just trying to balance everything that she’s already committed to, including managing a gay bar, cosmetics company, stand-up comedy gigs, the motel—you get the idea. According to Trixie, “At present, on the Internet, if your haven’t seen me yet,”

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