Who hosts the Opening Ceremony

Today‘s Savannah Guthrie and NBC Olympics’ Mike Tirico are set to host the Opening Ceremony, just as they did last year during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

What are our expectations from the Opening Ceremony

Film director of distinction Zhang Yimou is overseeing the production, which will feature 3,000 performers and run less than 100 minutes—shorter than usual—according to state-run news outlet Xinhua.

Zhang said that Zhang’s report stated, “The duration and scale of this segment have been reduced, so there is no large-scale theatre performance segment.” Variety. We have significantly decreased the number of performers. [instead]Technology can be used to create [the stage]The space is not as sterile, but it’s still quite crowded. New concepts and technology will give it a full and romantic feel.

Zhang said that the Olympic Cauldron would be lit in a manner “unprecedented” in over 100 years of Olympic Games history.