What comes to mind when you hear of a kitchen? Cooking is one of the main uses of kitchen, but today when designing a kitchen, we have a lot to consider. Most families today tend to spend most of their quality time in the kitchen. It all depends on your room’s size; one might want to blend in preparation and cooking facilities. A stylish, elegant, and exquisite kitchen develops an ambience of belonging, and your family should enjoy being in that kitchen.

Often, these kitchen spaces are part of living areas, dining, and are best applicable in an open kitchen plan. This informs how you integrate and blend kitchen décor with the dining and living spaces. 

A good kitchen layout should be sociable and friendly to all its users, including guests and children. Here are a few kitchen layouts and designs that can make your space friendly, stylish, and elegant. Contact remodeling professionals to help you create the best kitchen layout.

Kitchen Triangle

The most suitable design of your kitchen is dependent on the shape and the size of your room. In most kitchen spaces, the area with the highest activities is the stove, refrigerator, and sink. It is known as the kitchen triangle or the classic working triangle.

Whenever you design a kitchen triangle, you will need careful planning to minimize obstruction and the walking effort around the kitchen by simply positioning them on the triangle’s three points. 

Whether working with a smaller kitchen or a bigger kitchen, the proposed feet should not exceed 25 feet or be less than 10 feet. This figure is important because if the classic working triangle is minimalistic, room for movement will not be enough for two or more people. 

Also, if the working triangle exceeds the required size and overly large, food preparation won’t be enjoyable but a tiring task.

Kitchen Storage Space

Naturally, most of our kitchens contain a lot of things. Besides, kitchen appliances often have odd shapes and require extra space, for instance, stand mixers, food processors and air fryers. It is proven to find a home where your kitchen appliances are easily accessible to be a challenging task.

When designing your kitchen storage space should be a priority. In case your kitchen is small, the size and design of the cabinets should be the topmost priority. It would be best if you considered extra-long upper cabinets with fine moldings to provide extra storage space.

Also, above the refrigerator is another ideal place for installing the cabinets. This area is perfect for storing large or seasonal kitchen items. 

Enough Counter Space

Kitchen counter space is a necessity in any household. It should be large enough to accommodate the kitchen activities and its appliances that often require a countertop. An island or breakfast bar is one of the simple ways to achieve this in an L-shaped kitchen.


Proper lighting is one of the crucial requirements in a kitchen. It illuminates a good atmosphere and design and is one of the safety measures required in the room. 

Sharp knives, tools, and spices require extra and a keen eye in the room, and poor lighting can easily be pretty unsafe.  The more lighting the kitchen has, the better you can show off your room’s elegant and stylish design.

For every essential spot of your kitchen, you should provide it the required lighting. Also, incorporate lighting above all the main work areas for safety and beauty.


Have you ever walked into someone’s house and a smell of yesterday’s or previously prepared meal welcomes you? The best kitchen designs quickly fade away because of the stinky odors. 

Excellent and proper ventilation is an asset since it plays a massive role in improving indoor air quality. Besides, it helps in maintaining your kitchen appliances and keeping the kitchen cleaner.

Kitchen ventilation is quite costly but a worthy investment. If you have an open plan kitchen, adequate ventilation makes cooking and dining more pleasant.