Top Celebrity Pools to Take Inspiration From

Owning an estate is a huge responsibility as there is upkeep and a large amount of maintenance that needs to be done. Additions to your estate might be something that you are considering currently. You have to put together a list of additions that you want to make then put them in order of importance. The budget is going to come into play as nobody wants to waste money even if it is done improving their luxury estate. Below are a few additions to your estate that you can make to improve your quality of life. 

Outdoor Entertainment Area With a Pool

Outdoor entertainment areas reduce messes in the home and can be quite useful. The addition of a pool can be used to entertain, stay healthy, and even rehab lower-body injuries. Consider putting an outdoor kitchen with a grill near the pool for the ultimate backyard BBQ. Pools are not great for all climates as a person in Florida can use their pool throughout the year as temperatures are rarely cold. Pool maintenance costs depend on the size of your pool and it will impact the electricity bill due to the pool pump running daily. 

Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball Courts

Tennis and basketball courts can help the entire family get into shape. The beauty of these sports is that you can exercise while playing either. You want to reduce the impact on your joints when playing any sports so installing courts can improve your health. 

Pickleball court installation will be different from basketball and tennis courts. Consider hiring a company that has done a number of these courts to ensure quality. Pickleball can help you stay in shape while feeding your competitive spirit simultaneously.

Create an Entertainment Space in a Finished Basement 

A finished basement can be an incredibly versatile space in the home. The creation of an entertainment space is perfect for the basement as most noise will be insulated. Basements have been underutilized for quite some time as most families simply use them for storage. A projection screen along with surround sound can give your entertainment space the movie theater feel. Take the time to list some options for what you can do with your finished basement to get the most out of the space. 

Personal Fishing Pond 

A personal fishing pond that you have stocked can be the perfect addition for the outdoors enthusiast. The best aspect of this is you can have a pond created on your property and do not need one there already. You can stock this with a number of fish that are native to the area. Stocking the pond with fish that aren’t native can lead to the fish dying when there is an unexpected weather change. Imagine being able to fish with friends without leaving your property as this provides ultimate convenience. 

Additions can improve the value of your estate while improving your quality of life. Take the time to look in-depth at additions that you are going to consider making in the near future.