Magnus states that Alexander had to go through three different diets as part of his transformation. Magnus says that the build-up phase is what Alexander went through. [is]If you’re looking to increase muscle mass, and ignore fat. He explained that this is when you eat a lot of calories. You will then have a “cutting cycle” where your eating habits change and you are in a calorie shortage. This is when you need to preserve all your muscle and shed some body fat.

Magnus spoke out about the maintenance phase, on which Alexander was filming. Magnus noted that “that’s where you really need to dial it up and make sure you maintain that low bodyfat and high muscular mass, as well as the foods that are almost the same.”

Magnus observed that Alexander was able to indulge occasionally, even though there were more food restrictions in the previous two cycles.

Magnus said that there is still time to live life to the fullest. His favorite foods are avocado and smoked salmon. We took weekends off to enjoy a glass wine and eat a delicious dinner.