Charlie PuthI was searching for a sound.

It wasn’t just any sound. The sound had to be random, obscure. It could have been a knock on the table, or even a scratch to the guitar. And then, as he documented to his dedicated TikTok following, a light bulb turned on. It was actually a light switch.

With one simple flip of the switch, he was able to create the basis for his title song, which will be the first single from his forthcoming album. Charlie. “I always knew I wanted to make a song with a sound effect in it,” he explained to CelebHomes News while promoting his Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial. You can see my face during TikTok when I begin to understand. You are actually doing something very good..”

Unlike anything he’s done before—or, really, any musician, to be honest—he created the entire album in front of an audience of 15 million and counting. He admitted that the original purpose of downloading TikTok wasn’t to advance his career. He said, “It was really only to educate people about how I make music.”