Batgirl is staying in the shadows—for good.

Warner Bros. Announced Aug. 2, that they had acquired the BatgirlFilm starring Leslie Grace in the titular role has been scrapped. The filming had been completed and the filmmakers were ready to move on to post production ahead of HBO Max’s release. However, according to Variety,Multiple sources suggested that the studio was not willing to raise the already high-priced budget for the film.

Directors were surprised to learn that the movie was going to be canceled. Adil El Arbi Bilall FallahThe Associated Press (AP) issued a statement in concert on Aug. They wrote, “We are shocked and saddened by this news.” It’s still hard to believe. We are directors and it is important that the work of our team be seen by audiences. Although the film wasn’t finished yet, we would love for fans around the globe to have the chance to view and experience the final film. They might, insha Allah.

According to the pair, it was “a dream” to collaborate with actors such as Michael Keaton, JK Simmons, Brendan Fraser, Jacob Scipio, Corey Johnson, Rebecca FrontLeslie Grace in particular, who played Batgirl with such passion, dedication, and humanity.”