Unprecedented season Bachelorette got off to an unprecedentedly awkward start. 

With Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia as co-Bachelorettes for the entire season, Bachelor Nation was left with plenty of logistical questions.

Namely, in the immortal words of host Jesse Palmer: “How is this all going to work?”

Well, for starters, a bit uncomfortably!

It was clear that both GabbyAnd Rachel—who formed a bond during Clayton EchardSeason of The Bachelor—were very excited to be there. It became obvious that not all eligible men were ready to come. TheyThey were especially excited about Clayton.

There were (bad) jokes about Clayton, there was Ryan who dressed up as a clown and called himself Clayton, there was even a four-person youth choir who sang an original song about Clayton. That was quite a bit. 

Rachel said, “These guys keep bringing Clayton up.” Gabby and me are fine with Clayton not being called Clayton’s name tonight,” Rachel said.

John, a Nashville native, introduced himself awkwardly by getting Gabby’s and Rachel’s names confused. 

John stated, “I misunderstood their names.” It’s an excellent first impression, I believe. It’s not a great first impression but it does make a huge impression.

John will tell you whatever it is that you want to say.