Teresa Giudice handled this drama like a piece of (wedding) cake.

Is there anything you can do to help a friend who accidentally posted their wedding details online. The Real Housewives of New JerseyStar revealed her reaction to the incident The Real Housewives of New York‘s Ramona SingerLeak her wedding invitation

“Eventually, I’m sure people were gonna find out where it was gonna be anyway,” she exclusively told CelebHomes News at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. However, the password was required to log in to the website so I had the to modify everything.

Teresa thinks it was an honest mistake by Ramona. She explained that she called Ramona and requested she “Please remove it from your story.”

While Teresa said fans will have to “wait and see” for more wedding surprises, her fiancé, Luis Louie RuelasFans were updated by, about their wedding planning.

Louie stated that “outside the dresses,” Louie explained to CelebHomes, “we’re involved in every aspect of everything together.” All the suits will be chosen together. Colors, linens, seats, yeah.”