You will find the same temptations in every season.

USA’s Temptation Island is back with season four this week and longtime host Mark L. WalbergThe new couple will be putting their love and loyalty to the test.

Walberg spoke out to CelebHomes News in an exclusive interview before the premiere of Season 16 on March 16. We have four men that are emotionally connected right away, and that makes a big difference.

Walberg said that all four couples may have “some trouble in their relationships” due to being surrounded this season by 24 singles. Scroll down for more information about the couples and singles. It’s quite an experience. Temptation IslandThey do everything they can to manage it.”

Although Walberg hesitated to spoil anything in terms of how many couples leave together and how many don’t—”The truth is I literally feel like the network just put some secret camera in my house for fear that I say something I shouldn’t say,” he joked—he did tease, “I would tell you that all possibilities are on the table. It’s not hard to see the connections between singles and couples. There is also a lot that goes on and there is a lot that needs unpacking.