While I’ve never suffered nosebleeds or nightmares, I have had depression and anxiety since I was in middle school, so I can relate to Max’s fight with Vecna. Ironically, depression was my alter ego or monster because it is difficult to distinguish which thoughts and emotions are mine. When I feel depressed, it’s easy to think, “No one cares how you feel. They’ve got their problems.” This is false. HoweverIt’s difficult for teenagers to think clearly at the moment.

Max was a friend of mine. I made efforts to include Max in my life, and I felt like Max. But that part of me, which is depressed, said that no one could understand what I was feeling. To find comfort I turned to music, movies, and books. 

The Duffer Brothers highlight the value of music by featuring Kate Bush“Running Up the Hill”, by Dustin (which is currently No.1 on Apple Music). DustinGaten Matarazzo), Steve (Joe KeeryLucas (Caleb McLaughlinVecna is able to play Max the song while Vecna controls her, shifting her attention from Vecna and the Upside Down. And it’s in thIt is moment that Max is reminded she is Be loved and supported.