Joy is the essence of life. The pain of life is the most important thing in this world. It’s about the ability to let go. 

26 July Shania Twain fans rushed to Netflix and started streaming the new documentary It’s not just a girl. The film not only celebrates country singer’s history in music, but also shows the Grammy-winning artist at her most difficult moments.

While privately dealing with Lyme disease, which affected her singing abilities, Shania also faced a divorce with her ex-husband Robert Lange (“Mutt”)

She said, “In the search to determine why my voice was not controlling and how I could fix it, I found out that I was in danger of getting divorced.” I was left by my husband for another woman. “Now I am at another low point and don’t see the value in continuing with my music career.” 

Mutt was allegedly involved in an affair with Shania’s friend. Both he and the friend have yet to publicly comment on the doc, but both denied the affair when the allegation surfaced in 2008.