Sebastián YatraThere are many emotions you feel these days.

Yes, he’s pumped to kick off a massive headlining world tour in just a few short weeks. He’s thrilled to have rumors that his Disney song may help him get an Oscar nomination. Encanto.

CelebHomes News spoke to him about his third studio album. DharmaThe album debuted at No. 1 on Spotify’s US & Global album debut charts, the Latin music superstar admitted that the joys of his professional work are only one aspect of his life.

“I have excitement for the album to come out but at the same time, I also have my personal life and other things that I’m going through,” Sebastián exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. There are still other issues in my brain and my heart. I have many different things going on in life.

With that in mind, the 27-year-old Miami resident decided to make an album that was “very honest” about all the emotions he was feeling. And instead of sticking to one genre of music, Sebastián chose to flip the script.