Like always Ryan Seacrest is handling awkward situations like a pro.

The Kelly and Ryan: Live with KellyThe host needed to be quick when he took his zip down Aug. 2 and walked up onto the podium. He came up with a solution. Make sure the audience is laughing WithNot at him. Ryan said, as Ryan zipped his pants up and covered his boxers. “My fly is down,” Ryan added.

It was.

Co-host guest Carson KressleyWho’s doing the filling? Kelly Ripa while she’s on vacation, was more than happy to go along with the joke, adding, “What? “I guess you are just happy to have me!”

Even though the incident was unfortunate, it didn’t stop the former Queer Eye to the Straight GuyRyan’s stylish, navy-blue suit and matching shirt with striped stripes was highly praised by Ryan, a fashion expert. Ryan promised that “it looks amazing.” 

It’s not like anyone hasn’t forgotten to put on their pants. It happens, even though it isn’t on TV.