Rupert GrintIs keeping the wizardry alive in the family. 
A March 9 appearance The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonThe Harry Potter actor—most known for his role as Ron Weasley—shared how he’s showing his 21-month-old daughter Wednesday—who he shares with Georgia Groome—about the magical series that made him a household name. 

As the host Jimmy Fallon noted, “Now you have this beautiful baby and one day you’re gonna show her these movies one day and say, ‘That’s daddy!'”

Rupert (33 years old) shared with us that he has already begun showing his daughter the trailers. The wand is hers, along with a PEZ dispenser that has my head attached.

Ron isn’t all Wednesday is familiarizing himself with. Rupert also revealed in an interview that he had accidentally taught his daughter F-words. 

When Jimmy asked the British actor about whether his daughter said “dada” or “mama” first, he replied, “She says ‘dada’, she says ‘mama’, it was kind of at the same time. Also, it was not long before the F-word arrived.