This is the father-son goal if ever we have seen! 

Rob LoweHis 27-year old son John Owen Lowe will star in Netflix’s upcoming series StableThis is according toThe Hollywood Reporter. And what inspired this scripted comedy show? The pair’s social media banter—specifically the way John Owen trolls his famous dad.

Stable—which was created by the Lowes and showrunner Victor Fresco—follows “an introverted, socially challenged son who goes to work for his very successful, wildly eccentric father in order to save him from disaster,” according to its official description.

Netflix seems just as excited as we are.

“We’re very happy to work with Victor Rob and John Owen,” Netflix head of comedy Tracey PakostaStatement. “The three of them—and their wildly funny, smart sensibilities—are a perfect fit for our growing slate of scripted comedies.”

The pair have appeared on screen together before. Rob and John Owen also starred in A&E’s The Lowe Files.